The 60-Second Clutter Bust

You can Bust some of your Clutter in just 60-Seconds, it’s true!

You don’t need a whole day, a morning or even an hour. You can make a difference to a whole room just by paying some intensive attention to one mini-zone.

Top Tidying Tip – Identify Mini Zones!

My kitchen is a perpetual clutter magnet. No matter what I do, it’s just simply a hot spot for clutter which is not exclusive to actual items you might expect to find in your kitchen. Oh no. It regularly attracts; mail, toys, laundry, phones, iPads, coats, bags, books, shoes, tools, papers… and a frightening amount more.

You already know how to identify the individual rooms and areas in your home by Zoning – the whole idea being to reduce that overwhelming ‘where on earth do I start?!’ feeling. Well, let me introduce to you Mini Zones.

Mini zones are small (of course), specific areas of a room that need attention. Not necessarily on a daily, or even weekly basis. But when they are cluttered up they can hoodwink us into thinking it would take ages to sort them out – so we walk on by, vaguely irked and hoping we find time ‘sometime soon’ to tackle them.

I decided to try an experiment today. Could I unclutter my fridge door in the time it took to boil the kettle?

Actually I had time to smarten up the fridge door, get the milk out, find a spoon and get back over to the kettle. All within 1 tiny little minute.

Try it out. It’s ideal for busy lives when we just don’t have time to stop and tackle a full zone. It keeps you encouraged as you will see such an instant result.

Identify a busy, annoying, cluttered up mini zone in your home today.

My 60-Second Fridge De-Clutter is below!

Don’t forget to take your Before & After photos and share them at



2 responses to “The 60-Second Clutter Bust

  1. I think mini-zones are a fabulous idea. While we’re waiting for the computer to un-glitch we could tidy our desk top, when we’re waiting for coffee unload the dishwasher, etc. Great idea! -Tabitha

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