Creating A Life You Love – Part 1

George Bernard Shaw once wrote “Life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself”.

It’s a morale-boosting quote for sure but do we really create ourselves? We are actually very much created by others. Our God, our parents, our genes, our society, our culture. But despite the created shell of our life we can, and do, create the life that shell will live.

We are born (and raised) with abilities, gifts, talents, traits and strengths. Those of us who are parents, or work closely with children quickly learn that children are like books to be read – not blank canvasses to paint upon. Life is a process of working out what we have in us, and what good it can bring to this world.

The entire philosophy of Life Change is all about discovering evermore about ourselves and, most importantly, making a difference – be it large or small, seen or unseen, appreciated or unappreciated.

In the first of a 6-part mini series of Blogs I am challenging us to think about those parts of our lives where we can have control. We can decide. We can choose. If you do not know what it is you want, you will never know when you have it.

Most people can articulate only very vague desires for the life they want to have. But you cannot make the right decisions and follow a path when you haven’t decided where you’re going. You can set off on this journey called life without a plan, of course, but sooner or later you have to make a choice.

So how do we create the life we crave? How do we use the moments, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months to build a life and a lifestyle of choice? For every area of our life, be it; home, family, work, finance, faith or health we must start with a vision.

Our vision can be a literal picture of something that represents our heart’s desire:

For the father it might be walking his beautiful, kind grown-up daughter down the aisle, as she glances at him with adoration and trust, and handing her over to a good man that deserves her heart. There is his vision as a father.

For the businesswoman it might be a large corner office in a city centre with a Rolodex bursting with useful contacts and a diary full of appointments and opportunities with accolades decorating her walls. There is her vision as a businesswoman.

What is your vision? Try to picture it literally. Don’t try and perfect it, or bother with the detail. Just see it in your minds eye. A vision that swells up your heart with excitement and anticipation.

You just found the first step on an incredible journey of discovering what is in you, and what good you can do.

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