The Best, Worst Cup of Coffee Ever

The Best, Worst Coffee Ever

It’s early on Monday morning. The kids are off to nursery and school and my working day starts in half an hour.  I spontaneously decide to keep driving after the school gate and end up at a local supermarket.  I pick up some fairly exotic (for me) ingredients deciding to try out a new soup recipe later today.  Sweet potato and green curry.   I’m excited about it already.  Makes a change from Lentil.  Did I ever mention I love change?

I get to the check-out and glance at my clock – I’ve still got 15 minutes before I need to be dutifully presented and logged on in my home office.

I make my second unusually spontaneous decision of the day and decide to sit down in the shop cafe and enjoy a few moments to myself.  I help myself to a coffee from a suspiciously noisy machine. As it grinds the beans I feel like my weekend has just been ground to dust as I start this fresh new week with anticipation.  Not sure yet what plans and schemes I will chose to embark on. I’ll dream them up once I’m settled with my little cup of me-time.

The formica table is sticky.  The cup is chipped, and (I try not to look to closely) I think slightly stained.  The coffee is flat and bitter.  I am alone. Alone at my sticky table. No one knows I am here. The day hasn’t officially begun yet.  I am free to sit. Free to gaze out of the window.  Free to ponder what the week ahead will bring.

As I sup my secret brew I vaguely consider; the laundry, the dinners, the tidying up, the work To Do list, the meetings, the kids, my lovely husband, possible colours for a new car, whether it will stay dry enough to get the washing hung outside, where did I put my purple cardigan, why is my eyebrow itchy, I’d quite like to buy a new planner, this coffee is actually quite pleasant, did I buy enough sweet potatoes or will my exotic soup be watery, shall I wash the car this week, I think I’ll get a blue ‘8’ balloon for my son’s birthday on Wednesday as he had a silver ‘7’ last year, do I need blue-tac for the banners….. and probably another hundred or so other mini-thoughts.

I look down and time is up.  Coffee is drained. The Office awaits.  I feel calm.

It was the best, worst cup of coffee I’ve ever had.


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