The Power of Blossom

Your blossom is your face to the world as you go through the transitions of Life Change. Blossom is the dazzle that makes everyone stop and stare. Blossom may just look pretty but it is powerful stuff. Without it, there would be no fruit. Your blossom is that glow, that sparkle and show-stopping bloom of life and purpose.

Once you start on a path of changing your life for the better, each small change in itself might only be one little bud of promise but it all blooms in time.

People might wonder why that 10-minute stolen ‘me-time’ matters so much to you but it’s another bud that will bloom amongst the array.

Your new outfit, different route to work, fresh haircut, de-cluttered car, orderly wardrobe… Every one is a bud that will show off your heart for living and loving life.

My beloved apple tree has just exploded into life and as I took this picture this morning I was in awe of the power of attraction. Without the buds, no blossom. Without the blossom, no bees would come and do their thing. Without the pollen there comes no fruit. And that fruit is what makes life so rich, so satisfying and so really, deeply lived.

It’s not about the tree, or the buds, or even the sumptuous blossom. It’s all about bearing fruit. What fruit will your Life Changes bring?

* more peace
* more time
* better relationships
* more laughter
* less stress

That’s fruit worth pursuing. That’s fruit worth sowing seeds for. That’s fruit that you will see as you make changes, day by day.


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