Time Is On Your Side (yes, it is)

Who hasn’t regularly complained that they don’t have enough time? Yet we each have the very same 24 hours in each day.

I have recently discovered the brilliant website Becoming Minimalist by Joshua Becker. He articulates very simply the journey of living more, with less. One promise of minimalistic living is that you will find more of your time is freed up. How? Because you have less baggage to carry, less stuff to negotiate your life around and less clutter (physically and mentally) tripping you up each day. Reasons alone to learn how to live with at least a little bit less.

The difference between those days when we feel calm and productive and the days when we feel like we are chasing ourselves in circles comes down to three things:

1. Responsibility: we all have things we need to spend our time on for other people. We need to bath and dress the kids, we need to take the bins out for an elderly neighbour, we need to go to meetings at work. Still, the trick in every task we do for others is consciously looking to be creative, think of smarter ways to do these ‘must-do’ tasks to save time and make any responsibility feel lighter.

2. Choice: my husband and I once worked out we were watching around 24 hours of tv a week 24 HOURS! From that moment on, neither of us felt qualified to complain about not having time to do things we need to do, ever again! Do a quick time audit. What do you choose to do with your 24 hours a day? It’s often here we find that our schedule simply does not reflect our intentions. If you want to pursue a change in your life; to get fitter, organise the house, start a craft project or enjoy a new hobby, make sure you schedule that time in to your diary. Your 24 hours get used up, I guarantee it. Make sure it’s filled up with intentional activities.

3. Planning: we can’t, and shouldn’t try to, plan out every hour of the day. Sometimes, to ‘waste’ some time is the most perfect therapy. What I am striving to get a good grip on are points 1 and 2 above. Knowing exactly where your responsibilities and choices are taking you is powerful. It puts you back in control. You are the keeper of your own schedule so if you’re run ragged then have a meeting with yourself and prioritise. Be ruthless. Be ruthless with people who waste your time too (but more on that in another post to come).

The following quote is a perfect close to any post about time, and as I’ve run out of the ticking stuff, I will post again about how to identify and deal with the people who waste our time. Click Follow Me up on the left so that you don’t miss out… I promise it will be time well spent!

You will never find time for anything. You must make it.

Charles Buxton


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