How To Find Your Voice

Some find it in their writing, some by singing or performing to audiences. Some people discover it as their career develops.

Some find it rising up as they launch out into their own business enterprise. Others find it as they fix things, make things, design or change things.

Some work to perfect the art of their photography or home-making. Some unleash it as they comfort and counsel others.

Some find it grows as they learn new skills or teach others theirs.

Have you found yours yet? Have you found your Voice?

Your Voice tells the world who you are and why you’re here.

Your Voice is the releasing of your passions.

Your Voice stands you out and articulates your silent, unique DNA. It secures your life’s legacy and is a reference point to your life for generations to come.

Sometimes, when we feel lost, lonely, useless or overlooked it is because our Voice has been silenced.

Communicating who we are, and why we are is the very essence of fulfilment in our humanity. If your Voice isn’t heard, you are living a half-life – existing from day to day with that haunting dread that your life might pass unfulfilled.

But there is an answer.

It sounds very simple because it is. Identify your passions, and your purposes will follow close behind. We do not have just one idyllic purpose in life, it’s not about working out what that one golden goal of your life is. Otherwise what on earth do you do next once you reach that goal?

Your purposes evolve as seasons come and go but your passions, your Voice remains largely the same.

When we understand this, we can let go of what is meant for the past and we can confidently step into new ventures. When this penny drops – that all of life is Designed in seasons and cycles that we humans are not exempt from – we are able to endure the transition seasons when one purpose is closing and new ones yet to begin, without losing our minds or our joy.

So how do we identify our true passions? There are literally thousands of resources out there that can help you become a master passion-finder but it’s really very simple. It really all boils down to 2 questions:

1. What am I really good at doing (either naturally or by training) that others regularly make a point of noticing, commenting on and affirming in me?

2. What could I do all day, every day, without hesitation because it feels like it never grows ‘old’ for me?

That’s it. No huge checklist. Just two simple questions that should churn up from your heart into your mind the thing, and things, that light your fire. These are your passions.

Remember that passions are meant to shift and change over time so don’t be surprised if what you dreamt of night and day as a 20-year old seems pointless now. Equally, what if that hobby you started as a child and barely touched for 30 years is actually what you could and should be doing as a career?

Take some time to contemplate these two questions. Have fun. Don’t over-complicate the journey to finding your passions. Then the best bit… unleashing them! Pursue, train, develop, open up, share, take a risk, get out there.

Don’t deprive the world of your Voice – who knows where it will lead you…


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2 responses to “How To Find Your Voice

  1. And when your voice is silent & has been muted by life, what do you do then? When you don’t HAVE answers to those “two simple questions”.

    • Thanks for your response.

      I believe your passions are IN you and cannot be removed by Life’s twists and turns. They can be hidden, buried and ignored – but they are still there.

      Not knowing what to DO with our passions is usually what makes people feel ‘muted’.

      Asking yourself what you are good at and what you love doing will help you verbalise your Voice…

      A singer might then join a local choir. A carer might volunteer with the elderly. A DIY-er might start a handyman business. A photographer might start a photo-journal. An organiser might apply for a managerial post. Experienced parents might consider fostering. Environmentalists might join a campaign….

      What do you love to do? What have others affirmed in you?

      Eleanor Roosevelt was quoted as saying that ‘no-one can make you feel anything without your permission’.

      Maybe it’s time to take control and turn the ‘mute’ button off 🙂

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